Beaumont Campus Staff


Mike Dean

Interim Pastor

Clay Jones

Minister of Missions & Business Administration

Cliff Ozmun

Minister of Education

John Griffin

Worship Pastor

Kevin Goodwin

Next-Gen Pastor

Tanner Hemmings

Minister to Students

Debby Martin

Minister to Children & Preteens

Angela Bush

Preschool Ministry Director

Bill Morgan

Minister to Median and Mature Adults

Michael Roxas

Minister to Internationals

Alex Alzamora

Casa Calvario Pastor

Andres Prichard

Minister to Casa Calvario

Support Staff

Melanie Wheeler

Pastor's Ministry Assistant

Jeannie Darcey

Ministry Assistant-Receptionist

Alvin Bradley

Maintenance Staff

Cheryl Fleetwood

Education Ministry Assistant

Jeremy Byrom

Worship Producer-Network Administrator

Marie Edwards

Maintenance Staff

Julia Bean

Missions Ministry Assistant

Rhonda Rodman

Communications Manager

Grant Waguspack

Maintenance Staff