Child Safety and Security

Check-In System

First-time guests should fill out a registration form when bringing their child to the preschool area for the first time.

You will receive a hand written pickup tag on your first visit. Any following visits you will receive a computer printed pick up tag.

Parents should take the parent pick up tag with them and MUST present the tag to the volunteer when picking up their child.

A child can only be picked up by an adult that is 18 or older and has the parent pick up tag. If parent pick up tag is lost, the adult must go to the check in desk with a valid driver’s license to request a tag reprint.

If your child should need assistance, we will contact you via text. For children attending birth-kindergarten classes, if you do not have a cell phone we will provide you with a pager.

Classroom Policy

At least two adults must be present in each classroom.

Each volunteer is a member of Calvary Baptist Church and is interviewed by the minister overseeing that department. Every two years volunteers complete Child Protection Training, agree to uphold Calvary’s Child Protection policy, and have a background check run.

Windows and door windows are left uncovered so that the view into the classroom remains unobstructed.

Changing tables are in plain sight in the classroom.

Volunteers are never to take a child to the bathroom alone. They will assist children only when asked.

For preschoolers please label all items in the bag with your child’s name.

Illness and Infectious Disease

In order to try to protect individuals from infectious diseases, we will follow these guidelines:

No child will be allowed into the preschool, children’s, and preteen areas when he/she has any of the following symptoms:

Has been ill during the previous 24 hours

Has had a fever during the previous 24 hour

Has had any symptoms of the usual childhood diseases such as chicken pox, pink eye, croup, measles, strep throat, etc.

Has a contagious skin infection including but not limited to impetigo, ringworm, etc.

A communicable disease will be defined as an illness; a departure from health; a particular destructive process in an organism with a specific cause and characteristic symptoms that may be transmitted to others with the threat of jeopardy to their health. This may range from a common cold to the HIV/AIDS virus.

We Cannot Administer Medication

If your child becomes ill while in our care, we will remove him/her from their classroom and contact you immediately. If your child develops an infectious disease following church, please contact the church office immediately and speak to minister overseeing that department.

Child Protection Training

Due to the high priority to safety and security of our children, Calvary Baptist Church requires all volunteers of minors to be a member for six months before serving as well as have a background check completed.  The following is what we need you do before you can serve.

Child Protection Training (CPT) is required to be taken every two years for volunteers working with anyone under the age of 18. If you are volunteering for VBS/VBX, summer camps, Sunday school, or any other activities involving this age group, you must participate in Child Protection Training. Fill out and complete ALL the forms listed below and return by email

Child Protection Policy