Hot Hearts

Hot Hearts

January 28, 2022 12:00am



Since the very beginning, the aim of Hot Hearts has been to impact the lives of students with the gospel message. Because Hot Hearts is led and organized by men and women who are passionate about working with students, the event is geared toward a younger crowd and strives to connect with students in relevant ways.

Students can expect a high-energy weekend on the level of many mainstream events held in larger cities, with professional production values in sound, lighting and video. Hot Hearts is also known for combining the messages of the most effective student communicators with performances from some of the most popular Christian music artists.

The event has grown and transformed over the years, but the vision of Hot Hearts remains the same - to ignite a passion for Jesus Christ in the hearts of younger generations.

Students - $60 (includes ticket and Saturday lunch)
Leaders - $35 (includes ticket and Saturday lunch)

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Beaumont (6th Grade)Beaumont (7th-12th grade)

Lumberton (6th Grade)Lumberton (7th-12th Grade)

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