Calvary  Staff


Justin Buchanan

Lead Pastor

Clay Jones

Minister of Missions/Business Administration

John Griffin

Worship Pastor

Bill Morgan

Minister of Education

Alex Alzamora

Casa Calvario Pastor

Michael Roxas

Minister to Internationals

Tanner Hemmings

Minister to Students - Beaumont Campus

Dalton Washburn

Minister to Students - Lumberton Campus

Andres Prichard

Minister to Casa Calvario

Debby Martin

Minister to Children/Preteens - Beaumont Campus

Grace Key

Preschool Director - Beaumont Campus

Support Staff

Melanie Wheeler

Pastor/Missions Ministry Assistant

Rhonda Rodman

Communications Manager/Worship Ministry Asst.

Cheryl Fleetwood

Education Ministry Assistant

Paige Hanberry

Receptionist/Ministry Assistant - Beaumont Campus

Keaton Graber

Receptionist/Ministry Assistant - Lumberton Campus

Eliot Pages

Worship Producer/IT Administrator

Norm Davis

Facilities Manager

Will Young

Worship Leader - Lumberton Campus

Alvin Bradley

Maintenance Staff - Beaumont Campus

Marie Edwards

Maintenance Staff - Beaumont Campus

Matt Loud

Maintenance Staff - Lumberton Campus